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Hamishs’ tips. They are dodgy, but good.

Hamishs' tips.  They are dodgy, but good.

These are a couple of sporadic, entirely off the cuff, informal tips I have worked out over the years that have proved invaluable to safety and success in life.

– Always know where you are, from geographically speaking in the most literal of senses. As an example, where you are in the case of emergency. E.g. – Fire, flood, being chased by someone out to harm you. Figuratively where you are in regard to life. E.g. – education and where you are at in relation to completion; how your actions today are your successes and failures tomorrow; where you are headed in your career and financially.

– Always work with the head first. Acting emotively leads to failure, and places you into immediate danger. Show caution, not fear.

– Understand that as much as you love your family, the family to be relied upon is often the one you have created yourself. This family is not blood related, rather those people you trust and love that you surround yourself in throughout your life.

– You will never succeed in anything if you do not work hard and FINISH the things you start.

– Good manners are not for you. They are the things done by you to make those around you as comfortable as possible, removing any cause for another’s discomfort.

– Expect nothing. The world, and the people in it do not owe you anything.

– You are no better than anyone. You are not worse than anyone. You are you, and there is always somebody better than you at something. BUT, you are much better at a lot of things than a lot of other people.

– Always smile when you are in unfamiliar territory. It will either put people at ease, or, give them cause for concern that you may well know something they don’t.

– Never yell to make your point. Always talk and argue at the same level. It is the tone and the content that makes the difference. Talking over people is not only rude, but the words you have just spoken over, are likely the ones to bring you undone.

– Let other people talk first, you will learn something, and any agenda they may have is often exposed.

– Listen. To everyone and everything. Make your decisions based around what you have heard, and not heard.

– If you are ever being spoken too by anyone with authority, Police, teacher, etc.; do not speak, regardless of the length of the uncomfortable silences that are left after another has spoken. Do not fill that space with your own words. Fat silences are set traps.

– You become a lot luckier the harder you work, and the better you educate yourself. An education is a meal ticket. The better educated you are, the better you eat.

– If someone says they are going to do something, you will expect them to keep their word and do it. This includes if they say they are going to punch you, in which case expect them to. Get in first before they act upon their words. Giving them one in the left eye or run like hell is the best way to deal with those people.

– Life is not fair. Neither should it be. Bad things happen to good people regardless of how you behave towards others. You will fail at some stage whether you like it or not. Learn from it and don’t make a habit of it. Life gets a lot fairer the more you achieve.

– If you are a drinker or a smoker you will be poor for life.

– Save 20% of your net pay.

– Actions speak louder than words. The bolt action on a rifle is a good example of this.

To be continued…………………… the picture. Front End Loader get things revved up a tad. I personally like the way the first chorus is delivered.


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Hamish Ross

Indie writing at its most dubious.

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