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Indie writing at its most dubious.
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I, the idealist?

Apparently the evaluation result placed below is me.  I can’t say that I am comparatively close to those people mentioned, however, as arrogant as it is for me to think it, I believe that the description produced regards myself is pretty well on the money. Click the pictured quote above when you are done, ‘Gainsbourg’ … Continue reading

Agatha’s Hag – End piece.

The stinker continues.  Click the picture, something is bound to follow.  H xxx Another thousand turns of the wheel passed, and Agatha noticed a change. Consequences of her actions were stripped from her, impregnated within her.  The foulness grew within her, and, after swelling beyond measure, she delivered beasts of unspeakable horror. Beasts she devoured, … Continue reading

Agatha’s Hag – Part Two

This yarn really is on the nose.  Regardless, I will place it up here, shame on me.  If you aren’t up for the read, and straight up, it will save you the nausea, clip the picture above.  An old ‘Cure number follows. H xxx Ϟ After the last spell had been cast, the Hag finally … Continue reading

Agatha’s Hag – Part One

‘Vile bairn, who are you to question such as I?’ Agatha knew it was a hag as soon as her gaze fell upon her. She knew also that this wasn’t the front yard she had been standing in, rather a pocket in time filled by those most foul.  It was beyond any doubt, there was … Continue reading

1500 Steps. See it. Live it. Breathe it.

Seriously, go and see ‘1500 Steps’.  Click the picture above once you have finished the read below. H WOLLONGONG ADVERTISER It’s fitting that the Regent Theatre, which has one of the largest movie screens in NSW, will be used for the South Coast premiere of local coming-of-age film 1500 Steps. The 1500-seat art deco heritage-listed … Continue reading

This is the land down under!!!

Hey hey kids! This is a really quick one for all of those faithful blog followers beyond Australia.  Yet another one of Australia’s less fierce house pets.  At least these aren’t venomous. Click the picture above after the read.  This is Australia! Rock and roll! H 30 Dec 2014 – 5:50pm Python devours wallaby whole … Continue reading

‘Scene through her eye’ – A tale for Christmas.

A wee bit of Australia for Christmas. Scene through her eye. Beauty and time tread the same path; as neither cannot, will not, stand still. It is 1872; just prior to Christmas. Nothing ever happens by chance. An evening full of deadening light, mosquitoes, and children covered in dirt and play induced scratches swarm around her. … Continue reading

One might say…….

For the first time in what feels an age, find beneath the tatters of a first draft.  Bound to each other with the vague gum of the mind.  This mind of mine.  ’tis far from complete, yet is replete enough to give outline to what I intend it to become. In the case that you … Continue reading

8 Countries With Fascinating Baby Naming Laws – Mental_floss

Hey hey world, I have just been researching culturally and geographically accurate character names, and I stumbled onto this article.  If nothing else, it is sensical, and I found it quite interesting.  Should that flick no switches for you, click the photo above, and watch what happens next. Hamish. IMAGE CREDIT: GETTY IMAGES Here in … Continue reading

10 historical superstitions we carry on today

Hey hey kids! It’s been a while, and having spent the weekend with illness inhabiting the inhabitant’s in the inhabitence, instead of posting that that I have been sporadically bashing into the laptop, I felt this may be easier to digest. Below is from the BBC History site.  If it is something you feel to … Continue reading

Hamish Ross

Hamish Ross

Indie writing at its most dubious.

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